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Allseas Limited Edition


Zwemspa Allseas Zeus
De Allseas Limited Edition "Zeus" Is de eenigste Zwemspa in zijn soort De unique vorm geving en belevenis zullen U verbazen   kijk bij extra info  
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Allseas Limited Edition

Zeus Limited Edition swim spa


The ultimate swim spa experience, and unique to Summit Leisure, is our limited edition Zeus model. Styled with a distinctive nautical  theme, the Zeus is a dual-chambered swim spa offering unrivalled luxury, hydrotherapeutic benefit and swim performance. Measuring 9m long, the Zeus offers separate integral hot tub and swim zones giving the benefits of independent bodies of water and control systems. This allows toasty warm water in the hot tub, and a more comfortable swimming temperature in the swim chamber.

In the swim chamber three 3HP high output pumps generate the flow to supply the six high-flow adjustable swim-jets,  allowing the power of the flow to be fine-tuned to suit all swimming strengths and abilities. In addition, a 2HP pump drives the hydro-jets for the upright therapy column allowing a resting swimmer to stand with their back to the jets for a gentle shoulder to calf massage while a companion takes their turn swimming. A stainless steel grab-rail is fitted as standard, as is a tile centre-line which runs the length of the floor. Our exclusive Sport Pack exercise equipment kit is also included as standard with the Zeus.

The hot tub chamber features two loungers for the ultimate in hydrotherapy massages, along with two additional bench seats. Flow is provided by two 3HP high output therapy pumps, driving 56 adjustable stainless steel jets, whilst 100 square feet of filtration supplied by a separate low-amperage circulation pump ensures crystal clear water and the minimum of maintenance. As with all our swim spas, our exclusive Thermolocked cabinet, Luxe thermal cover, and solid ABS Tough Base reduce heat losses and keep running costs to the absolute minimum.  A WinterSkin cover is provided for when the swimspa is not in use or you are away for any period of time, to help keep the whole swimspa clean.